john pearson the author

John Pearson talks about the film Legend

"It’s nearly fifty incredible years since the violent and publicity mad KRAY twins signed me up to write the story of their lives, hoping it would one day be made into a successful movie. That day had now arrived, and I can only be grateful that, unlike the twins I have lived long enough to finally see a great movie, based on that book I wrote so long ago, and entitled ‘Legend’.

"In fact this extremely exciting adaptation of my book is the work of Hollywood writer-director, Brian Helgeland, famous for early successes like L.A. Confidential and Mystic River, whilst the idol of the young, British actor Tom Hardy, in a virtuoso performance as both the Twins cannot fail to captivate his audience.

"My original biography of the Twins, The Profession of Violence (Legend edition) is also now on sale, with a new postscript, and should have a particular interest for the younger generation, who don’t know the extraordinary and unique story of the Krays."

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