The Cast:

Lord Lucan - Rory Kinnear
John Aspinall - Christopher Eccleston
Veronica Lucan - Catherine McCormack
Older John Burke - Michael Gambon
John Pearson - Paul Freeman
Older Susie Maxwell Scott - Jane Lapotaire
Ian Maxwell Scott - Alan Cox
Susie Maxwell Scott - Helen Bradbury
Dowager Countess - Gemma Jones
Lady Osborne - Ann Bell
Sandra Rivett - Leanne Best
Dominick Elwes - Rupert Evans
Jimmy Goldsmith - Alistair Petrie
John Burke - Rufus Wright
Susie Maxwell-Scott - Helen Bradbury
Annabel Birley - Annabel Mullion
Jane Hastings - Anna Walton
Charlie Benson - James Bradshaw
​Ulrich -  Aleksandar Mikic

'Lucan' Two-Part Drama on ITV

based on the gamblers

john pearson the author

John Pearson is thrilled to have worked closely on the creation of the two-part drama 'Lucan', which is airing on ITV on Wednesday 11th December and Wednesday 18th December. The ITV press centre says:

"The drama will tell the story of Lucan’s exploits as a member of the infamous Clermont set and will focus on his marriage collapse to Veronica (Catherine McCormack), the Countess of Lucan. With his marriage disintegrating, Lucan became obsessed with regaining custody of his children. Ultimately the drama will reveal what happened on that fateful night in November 1974 when his children’s nanny, Sandra Rivett (Leanne Best), was cruelly bludgeoned to death in the basement of the family’s home in London’s Lower Belgrave Street."

"The drama is inspired by and based upon the book, The Gamblers, written by author John Pearson who conducted exhaustive interviews with those most closely connected to Lucan at the time of Sandra’s murder. Pearson gained unprecedented access to Lucan’s friends and acquaintances from the Clermont Club who helped him try to piece together the Earl’s movements on the evening of 7 November"